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Sunday, 19 August 2007
Background sounds
Mood:  energetic
Topic: HTML Questions

Allright, I've uploaded all my sound files into their own "sounds" folder as .wav files. I pasted the code

<EMBED SRC="tune.mid" HIDDEN="True" loop="1">
<BGSOUND SRC="tune.mid" loop="1">

into my webpage as instructed, and it's working, but it isn't exactly what I want. Apparently this is code for background music, but as background music can drown out the sound of a screen reader reading my web page to blind people, I would never use this on my site. What I want is for a short clip of sound to play once or twice as the page loads. For example, I have a picture of a Quagga zebra on my home page. I want people visiting my home page to hear the sound of a zebra's whinny once or twice, and then it'd be silent. Can I do that?

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 7:51 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (1) | Permalink | Share This Post
Saturday, 18 August 2007
Changing title, load sounds, & making a site discoverable
Mood:  hungry
Topic: HTML Questions
Hi again, I've got 3 questions here. First, I've been trying to change the title at the top of my main page a little, but it isn't showing up? Why is that? Can I not change the title once I choose one? I'm using the advanced editor on that page. Secondly, can I have it play a sound when you load the page? I'm sure it is possible but don't know the code to add a sound file... Probably pretty similar to adding an image... I've also been wanting to add a border from grsites, but they really don't describe their things much and I can't see the preview, so I've given up on that as I don't know which ones I want. Anyway, the third question is, how do I know my mom isn't the only person reading my site? How do I know it's discoverable...Can I add keywords to it or something so it'll come up on Google? I'm finally ready for the public to see it. Oh, and I almost forgot, at the bottom of my index page I have a contact me link...Is there a quick way to add that to all my pages, or do I have to link to that file by hand on every page?

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 9:21 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (5) | Permalink | Share This Post
cannot log into html gear
Mood:  sad
Topic: HTML Questions



i don't know what's the matter but today i cannot get into my html gear

the poll isn't showing up on my site either


i see this  internal server error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@htmlgear.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

 can somebody please fixed this problem also i cannot access to my guestbook either everything was working fine yesterday afternoon

Posted by wrestling3/jman_22 at 11:12 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (6) | Permalink | Share This Post
Friday, 17 August 2007
Photos not showing
Mood:  don't ask

I have added a photo page to my site and have posted three photos there. When I preveiw the page, all is fine. When I actually go to the site, I can't see the pictures. I have another picture on another page that is showing just fine. Any suggestions

Posted by s-brown at 12:06 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
Almost got it! Label image; save background from document
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: HTML Questions
Allright! Thanks for that webmonkey link--that is a great resource! I feel like I'm learning a new language, only it's a bit quicker than that <smile>...I've got my pages layout just as I want it...But I got 2 kinks still left over that webmonkey didn't really answer, or else I missed it.......   For example, I have that picture of a Quagga zebra on my home page and I added a label to it. I assumed you just typed the label after the <> with the image code in it, and it worked--the label is there--but it's in the wrong place. I wanted the image centered (which I am told it is) and the label centered right at the bottom of the image, right below that square (and I am told it's on the right--as I can't see I don't know this for sure, though). So how do I put the label where I want it, or is it already there? And the second kink is the fancy background.... I think this is the third time I brought this up--maybe no one really knows the answer and I should stick with the plain black background I have on most of my pages (I know how to do that...), but on my books pages (My books, Dreampony Series, Pony no. 3: The pair, for example) I originally had them in a Word document with a fancy background which I want to keep (not really an image, just  fancy shading and borders...). But when I used Word to convert it into a webpage document, it put a new paragraph thing at the end of each line and messed up the formatting! Someone said I should  just copy and paste the text into notepad and type up the code myself, but as I don't exactly know the color schemes in the background since I can't see it I can't code it and if I copy and paste I would lose that... Any ideas? At the very least, would you be willing to look at the source of these pages and tell me what code I can delete? I mean, some people tell me Word has a way of adding alot of unnecessary code, so deleting it would reduce the file size and save space...But as I'm not very experienced yet, I don't know what parts are deletable. I do know how to change the line breaks though, so don't worry about the format part. Still nothing? Then I guess I ought to be satisfied with the plain black background--just let me know. Thanks!

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 11:59 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (3) | Permalink | Share This Post
No customer service
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: No response from support tickets
On July 16 my credit card was charged the monthly fee for my website at www.angelfire.com/mn/nn. On July 28, my credit card was charged an additional $2 by Lycos and my paid website was changed to free status the same day, with 20meg storage and their popup ads. My Amazon.com commissions since August 1st are ZERO!!! No reply YET to any of my support tickets. The Lycos phone number listed on my credit card statement for July goes to a recording that says Lycos Customer Service doesn't accept phone calls. My website still shows as free as of today with no explanation or even response of any kind from Angelfire or Lycos. If you have a free site and are thinking of upgrading to a paid site at Angelfire or Tripod, think again. /mn/nn/ has been my site at Angelfire since 1999 and had been a paid site since February, 2002. It will be interesting to see if my credit card is charged the monthly charge on August 16. Where is everybody in Customer Service? Why don't they ever reply to support tickets? I am paying for a paid site that shows as free!!!

Posted by mn/nn at 2:53 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
advanced mode; preserving backgrounds
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: HTML Questions
Someone recommended that I switch to advanced mode in order to add "sub"titles to my groups of link lists... I must say though that honestly I'm a bit afraid of the advanced mode. I don't know how to add a main image to it...And I am picky about my colors. I'm building my site so it will be easy for a visually-impaired person to see, so I have specific background, text, visited link, etc colors. And I like having one main picture on each page. I don't know all that code... Is there another way? I'm also wondering if I can save backgrounds from documents. For example, I have a poem in a Word document and it has a background and everything the way I want it. But when I saved it to html format, it showed a blank line between each line and that's not how I want it to be. Someone suggested that I just put the text to a notepad file, but then I wouldn't have the background, would I? And I'd like to add a label to the main picture...For example, I'd like to put the words "Quagga zebra, now extinct" just under the picture of a zebra on my homepage. That way blind people would know what the picture is, and people would know this is not a striped horse... Would someone be willing to guide me through the advanced mode? I have a very limited knowledge of code.

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 12:08 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
Tuesday, 14 August 2007

   What's the HTML code for titles? Not the first title at the top of the webpage, but the subsequent titles for lists of links? For example, see my turtles page. I got all the links showing just fine, but I wanted one group to be titled habitats & housing and another to be titled day-to-day care... I thought I put <title> Habitats & housing </title> to do that, but they're not showing up so I assume I am wrong?

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 4:55 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (1) | Permalink | Share This Post
Monday, 13 August 2007
Terrible Customer Service

I am very upset by Angelfire's unwillingness to answer my support tickets. I contacted them regarding changing my DNS information a week ago, and they still have yet to get back with me. Their "live chat" has yet to be on in the 4 years I've been with Angelfire.  They list no phone number to call. So you just put in a support ticket and hope and pray that someone gets back to you, which hasn't happened yet.

I am writing here in the hopes that *someone* who works for Angelfire will see this and help me.  My support ticket reference number is 7168-AFZX-3496.

 Bethany Crites  (poetry/lagosseperdue)

Posted by Bethie at 9:27 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (1) | Permalink | Share This Post
Updated: Monday, 13 August 2007 9:30 PM EDT
Sunday, 12 August 2007
Where, oh where did my Web listing go?
Mood:  irritated
My site used to come up within 3 entries if I typed my name.  Now it is nowhere to be found.  Does anyone know why?

Posted by ca2/YvonneDiamond at 12:34 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
Saturday, 11 August 2007
Support Tickets unanswered
Mood:  caffeinated

You know what I think is the problem? These Lycos outfits have been online since at least 1995 and they're trying to get by relying too much on automated programs and not enough actual people. In other words, their employees are overworked and underpaid (Ha! let's see them disagree with That). At the very least, they need to switch to a 3rd-party billing software with it's own, non-Lycos customer service department when something goes wrong.

Bill Laidlaw, angelfire.com/mn/nn/index.html

Posted by mn/nn at 2:18 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (1) | Permalink | Share This Post
HTML Guest Gear Error

My two HTML Guest Gear guestbooks seemed to have disappeared.

I am getting the following error message:

" We're sorry, we can't find the Guestbook with this membername and id.

Anybody else having this problem ?

Posted by me2/kulacoco at 2:02 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
Re: linking to pages in subdirectories
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: Image Questions

OK, got it! I didn't know you couldn't have spaces in the file names... Then I started entering the wrong URL's while I was playing around trying to get it to work...The image URL on the index.html page was correct but it had a space in the file name... So thanks so much!

   Mind doing me a favor? I can't see, so I don't know for sure that the images are working. I already tested the links and the problem was fixed, so I have no reason to doubt that the pictures are on my web page now but can't verify it...So can you visit my page and tell me whether or not there is a pic of a zebra on the home page and a pic of a sea turtle on my turtle page? Thanks!

   Now the second question...How do I get more than 3 link lists when using the Links style in Basic Editor?

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 12:12 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (16) | Permalink | Share This Post
Friday, 10 August 2007
Linking to pages in subdirectories; link lists
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Image Questions

   I'm building a website with Webshell builder...Having lots of fun with it too... But I'm having trouble with my subdirectories. The beginners' guide says that the index.html file and the images folder are supposed to be provided, but I never could find them! So I created another index.html file and it is going very well. All the links on it that I've written pages for work now... I also created an images folder myself and put a couple pictures in it, and they're there all right. But even though I've referenced to them the pics won't show up on my pages. There is only a little box with an x in it.

   I'm having this problem with all subdirectories. I have since created two other subdirectories, and some of the links there work, some don't. For example, my index.html file has a my books & portfolio link which links to a my books page that is in the books/ subdirectory. That works fine. Then the books page has a link to dreampony.html that is also inside the books/ subdirectory. That also works fine. But the dreampony file links to 4 other files which I uploaded into the books/ subdirectory. They were originally .rtf Word files. I've tried both the original .rtf files and also I've tried converting them to simple webpage .html files, but both don't work. These pages are very simple with just text, no links on them. But I'd hate to type them out into webshell basic editor myself because they have color layouts and themes which basic editor does not provide as an option and I don't know enough html code to do it myself...

   Also, another question: how do I increase the number of links list? What I mean is that in basic editor on the links style it lets you create 3 separate links lists, each with their own titles. What if I wanted 4? I don't see space provided for a fourth title...How can I get it?

   Thanks for your help!

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 2:48 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
Paid site Online Chat Always Offline
Mood:  irritated
I have been an Angelfire member since 1999 and have had a paid site at mn/nn since February 2002. On July 16 my credit card was charged the monthly fee by Lycos on my credit card and it is on my paper credit card statement. I can send you a xerox of it. On July 28, my credit card statement shows 2 more charges of $1 each from Lycos. The same day mn/nn was changed to "Free" status even though the next payment is not due until August 16. My previous support tickets have not been answered or even acknowledged, so I got another paid site at nm/m only to find that online chat promised on the signup page is always "offline." What is going on? It has been 2 weeks since you charged my credit card the additional $2 and then changed the site to free status. My pageviews have gone from 1500 on Friday July 27 to as little as 300 a day. When will my paid site at mn/nn be fixed? What is wrong with my credit card? The bank says it is fine. Nothing on it has been changed since it was charged successfully by Lycos on July 16. I pay it off every month so 100% of credit is available for Lycos monthly charge. The online chat feature promised on the signup page is offline. A paid site member at club.Tripod.com says the lycos online chat feature is always offline. What good is a live chat feature for paid members that is always offline? What good is a phone number for Lycos billing on the credit card that just goes to a recording that says Customer Service doesn't accept any phone calls? I had to delete over two thirds of my audio, graphics and pages at mn/nn just to get down to the "free" status storage requirement. I signed up today to change nm/m to paid status with my credit card and it went thru without a problem. No answer to my numerous Support Tickets either. See you all tomorrow with a new post.

Posted by mn/nn at 1:28 PM EDT | Post Comment | Permalink | Share This Post
Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007 1:34 PM EDT
Thursday, 9 August 2007
How to use Categories on the Menu Bar

I'm having problems with the "Categories" function.  I'm the blog webmaster for this site and I can not make posts to any of the topic categories I've created:



Posted by scripturerefinersfire at 6:21 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink | Share This Post
Tuesday, 7 August 2007
Error page doesn't work
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: https://www.angelfire.com/mn/nn/
Topic: HTML Questions

I created an error page 404 when my website was a paid site but now that it is a free site the error page doesn't work. Why is there a link to create an error page on free sites if it only works on paid site? I have tried to create error page on other free Angelfire sites too and never works. Only if it is a paid site. I have to paste my error page onto each of the pages I had to delete to get down to 20 meg free size. It's 3:30am EST and i think i will sleep now. Til tomorrow...

Posted by mn/nn at 3:30 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (1) | Permalink | Share This Post
Thursday, 2 August 2007
Error Message

Lately have been betting the following message when trying

to access this blog with my Firefox Browser. Internet Explorer

seems to be OK. Anybody else having the same problem?

 ===============error message follows===========

Server ErrorThe following error occurred:

[code=SERVER_RESPONSE_CLOSE] The server closed the connection while reading the response. Contact your system administrator.

Please contact the administrator.

 =========end error message===========

Posted by co/begumnoor at 2:20 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (3) | Permalink | Share This Post
Wednesday, 1 August 2007
HTML Editor acting up

I tried to put an embedded audio file in a post

I selected for  autostart="false"

 When I preview the above is gone.

 Now since I pasted it in here because I copied it out of the original html.

 I am confused as to why it keeps dissapearing.


In additon I have some embedded videos in my draft files.

 Because I used to be able to edit them for a new media file and use the code over and over again.

When I open drafts they are there they work but when I open the html edictor to copy the code there is nothing there

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 8:27 AM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (4) | Permalink | Share This Post
Sunday, 29 July 2007
Paid site shows as free
Mood:  irritated
my website www.angelfire.com/mn/nn/ was 50meg free site when I changed it to paid site in 2005. They charged my credit card the monthly fee in July but now it shows as a free site at 20meg and I can't edit anything, only delete stuff as it is at 49.9meg and my member info shows 4 different credit card numbers available for them to bill my "free" site to. nobody there on weekends, i guess. hope they answer my angelfire form on monday. I tried to check to see if someone else had gotten in and changed my password but it only shows the current password with no way to change it, is changing password only available on paid sites? the "change password" link is gone. I opened another free angelfire account and moved some of my stuff to the new site to free up space on /mn/nn/ but it didn't help. maybe now angelfire.com has confused the new free website account with my paid one and thinks they are both free sites? and why didn't it default to 50meg free site which it was when i changed it to a paid site? very frustrating since my site hit 1500 hits on friday, a record, and now i can't update the pages

Posted by mn/nn at 8:03 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (9) | Permalink | Share This Post

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