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Wednesday, 15 August 2007
Almost got it! Label image; save background from document
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: HTML Questions
Allright! Thanks for that webmonkey link--that is a great resource! I feel like I'm learning a new language, only it's a bit quicker than that <smile>...I've got my pages layout just as I want it...But I got 2 kinks still left over that webmonkey didn't really answer, or else I missed it.......   For example, I have that picture of a Quagga zebra on my home page and I added a label to it. I assumed you just typed the label after the <> with the image code in it, and it worked--the label is there--but it's in the wrong place. I wanted the image centered (which I am told it is) and the label centered right at the bottom of the image, right below that square (and I am told it's on the right--as I can't see I don't know this for sure, though). So how do I put the label where I want it, or is it already there? And the second kink is the fancy background.... I think this is the third time I brought this up--maybe no one really knows the answer and I should stick with the plain black background I have on most of my pages (I know how to do that...), but on my books pages (My books, Dreampony Series, Pony no. 3: The pair, for example) I originally had them in a Word document with a fancy background which I want to keep (not really an image, just  fancy shading and borders...). But when I used Word to convert it into a webpage document, it put a new paragraph thing at the end of each line and messed up the formatting! Someone said I should  just copy and paste the text into notepad and type up the code myself, but as I don't exactly know the color schemes in the background since I can't see it I can't code it and if I copy and paste I would lose that... Any ideas? At the very least, would you be willing to look at the source of these pages and tell me what code I can delete? I mean, some people tell me Word has a way of adding alot of unnecessary code, so deleting it would reduce the file size and save space...But as I'm not very experienced yet, I don't know what parts are deletable. I do know how to change the line breaks though, so don't worry about the format part. Still nothing? Then I guess I ought to be satisfied with the plain black background--just let me know. Thanks!

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Thursday, 16 August 2007 - 6:34 AM EDT

Name: "tom"

RE: Label for zebra

Simply add a <br> between the <img src="images/quaggazebra.jpg"> & the explanatory text, as follows:

<div align="center"><img src="images/quaggazebra.jpg"><br>Picture of a Quagga zebra, now an extinct subspecies.</div>

RE: Background

Here is an idea: Go to images.google.com and search "web page backgrounds"

When you find something you like, simply save it to your hard drive and upload it to your Angelfire webshell. Then add it to the <body> attributes as follows:

<body bgcolor="#000000" background="https://www.angelfire.com/xxxxxx.gif" text="#ffffff" link="#87cefa" alink="#c0c0c0" vlink="#fafad2">

Don't forget to adjust the other values, so that the colors contrast suitably with the color of your background image. For instance, you wouldn't have a light blue text color with a  light blue colored background image....because the text would not be visible.

Good luck!

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