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Saturday, 18 August 2007
Changing title, load sounds, & making a site discoverable
Mood:  hungry
Topic: HTML Questions
Hi again, I've got 3 questions here. First, I've been trying to change the title at the top of my main page a little, but it isn't showing up? Why is that? Can I not change the title once I choose one? I'm using the advanced editor on that page. Secondly, can I have it play a sound when you load the page? I'm sure it is possible but don't know the code to add a sound file... Probably pretty similar to adding an image... I've also been wanting to add a border from grsites, but they really don't describe their things much and I can't see the preview, so I've given up on that as I don't know which ones I want. Anyway, the third question is, how do I know my mom isn't the only person reading my site? How do I know it's discoverable...Can I add keywords to it or something so it'll come up on Google? I'm finally ready for the public to see it. Oh, and I almost forgot, at the bottom of my index page I have a contact me link...Is there a quick way to add that to all my pages, or do I have to link to that file by hand on every page?

Posted by turtlestruebiz at 9:21 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (5) | Permalink | Share This Post

Saturday, 18 August 2007 - 9:37 PM EDT

Name: "dalleh"

let us do one setp at a time

the title,

do you mean the header of the page that appears below the ads


<h1 align="left">Turtle care & resources, Yummy Dots Braille Transcription, my books & a little of me</h1>



the title that appears at the top of the browser and it shows in the bookmark

<title>Turtle care, resources, & psychology, my books & a little of me</title>



if you did the changes and save did you reload the browser to get the fresh copy of the page. 

Saturday, 18 August 2007 - 9:42 PM EDT

Name: "anonymous"

background music

you need to upload the music file the best format is mid files or wav files if they are small.

put the code anywhere in the page


<EMBED SRC="tune.mid" HIDDEN="True" loop="1">
<BGSOUND SRC="tune.mid" loop="1">

Saturday, 18 August 2007 - 9:56 PM EDT

Name: "anonymous"
Home Page: http://dalleh.com/djd/viewpage.php?page_id=24

to adv. your page you can register it in the search engines ,

or just add meta tags to your site  look here



it takes time weeks or months, web spiders index all pages mostly according to the title and the text content of the pages

Saturday, 18 August 2007 - 9:59 PM EDT

Name: "anonymous"

contact links

you have to copy and paste, save the link code to every page you want it on, 

Saturday, 18 August 2007 - 10:05 PM EDT

Name: "anonymous"

by the way searh google for turtlestruebiz and see what you get

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