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Thursday, 31 March 2011
"Failed to Save Webpage"

I just signed up as a free member and I was planning on upgrading to a paid membership but I wanted to experiment first and test things out. I made one home page and saved it. Then, I decided to change it.

I had a terrible time trying to position images with that webon thing. I had to go to Photoshop and recreate the order I wanted images to appear and save them all on one background as ONE image then upload that.

The first few times I tried saving this test page, it would not allow double spacing between paragraphs so they were all on top of each other. Now, that seems to have resolved. NOTE: As I previewed this post, I see at least in the preview window, the paragraphs are squashed down on each other with no spaces inbetween. It remains to be seen if that's still what it looks like when I hit submit.

Now I am trying to edit the text, reword it, delete some things. Text only so it should not be complicated. And now that webon thing will not allow me to save any changes. I keep getting an error message. Why?

I don't like the main index page and I want to change it and now I cannot save any changes. What do I have to do in that webon thing to save text changes and/or save the newly edited page and not get an error message?

Also, I cannot find the "unpublish" button. As part of trying to figure out on my own how to save a page, I published this one page and now I would like to unpublish it and I cannot find the button to do that anywhere.

If I go ahead and get a paid plan, will I be able to get rid of this webon thing? It is extremely cumbersome and difficult to use. I cannot see any of the HTML coding, much less add/delete/edit it. I see no button to turn the page into just editable HTML (like Notepad). The drag and drop device is in my way. It won't let me do what I want and I'd rather just handcode my own HTML. How can I do that?

I wanted to get a paid program just so I can upload via FTP my own HTML pages. I really hate that webon thing. But, why would I get a paid program if there is no way to save pages here?

Does the "web shell" with the paid program force you to use that webon thing? If the answer is yes, I'm not sure I want to do that.

 So, how do I save the changes in the one page I have now?



Posted by x-shikseh-files at 4:06 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (1) | Permalink | Share This Post

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 - 8:15 AM EDT

Name: "Scott"

Sorry to hear you're having such problems.

As far as the dragging and dropping of images, we're working on a big fix for that right now and will hopefully have it out soon.

As for some of the other issues you are having pertaining to error messages…I'm not really sure how or why you would be receiving those, unless you tried to copy and paste HTML right into the editor?  (also, the unpublished button is part of the 'exit' drop down menu…a little hidden, we're going to change that soon too).

The Site Builder isn't meant to be an HTML editor, but it sounds like that's what you're looking for.  With our paid plans (even the .95 a month plan) you can get access to Web Shell which is just a straight HTML editor with no drag and drop interface associated with it.  

Anyway, sorry again for your troubles, but it sounds like this isn't really the tool you're looking for, but you'd be quite happy with Web Shell's file editor.

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