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Saturday, 1 April 2006
To ask others this question....
Mood:  accident prone
Okay, I was checking out the post below about the scroll in the status bar when someone mentioned it will not work on a site with the banners... Perhaps that is why I am unable to have it work on ours.

But, get this... we purchased the Argon package with a free domain name.... www.arringtonshomefurnishings.com Yet, when I go the webshell... it says we're building on www.angelfire.com/planet/arringtonshome ???? I have asked Angelfire if I had to pay to register the domain name with Lycos for $19.95 before I could start building on it or what did I have to do??? It's been over 48 hours since that request and I'm about to ask again.

Therefore, I am asking everyone here... Do I have to pay to register my domain name with Lycos before I can start building on it or is this a mistake in some way?

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Saturday, 1 April 2006 - 3:53 PM EST

Name: cw

Your site at www.angelfire.com/planet/arringtonshome still has ads. When you log into that account, what plan does it show you're subscribed to? Is it possible you upgraded another account? If you aren't listed as free, is it possible you hard coded the AF ad script into your pages by accident? If so, you need to remove it from your page code.

re domain names- a domain name is a second URL that acts as a sort of alias. Your site will be reachable from both URLs- your AF URL and your domain name URL.

If your plan came with a domain name then it's yours to use as long as you subscribe to an AF plan that includes a domain name. What you may need to do is assign your domain to your AF account. That can be done through the domain manager reachable from the' my account' section at AF when you're logged in. If you plan on building your site in the main directory of your account, then assign your domain name to https://www.angelfire.com/planet/arringtonshome . It may take a few hours to a few days until the domain name works across the net.

Friday, 7 April 2006 - 11:32 AM EDT

Name: SH

When I log in to that website at Angelfire's webshell... it says it's a free listing... but, i have paid straight out for the argon package... I did not upgrade an existing site. I double checked and the credit card payment has been paid by my bank.

In fact, I placed a question at their help center::::

on 3/31/06
I currently purchased and completed the purchase with my credit card for an ARGON package. Once completed, it asked me to make up a member name etc so I chose planet/arringtonshome even after I chose http://www.arringtonshomefurnishings.com But, I can not find that subscribtion. I do not want to charge twice to my credit card. What can I do?

on 04/01/06 I added:::
I paid for the Argon package with my credit card. It went through. I checked my bank online and it shows where the charge has been made by Lycos to my card.
But, I can not log in?
The domain name I chose... http://www.arringtonshomefurnishings.com is not showing up.
After I clicked "finish" it sent me to sign up for a log in name and I chose planet/arringtonshome thinking I needed it and then it signed me up for a free package that I don't need?
What can I do?

Then even more info later that day...
Okay, I received an email from you guys saying the following:

Account Number: ***********
Member Name: planet/arringtonshome
Name: Earnest Arringtons
Email Address: arringtons@kerrlake.com
Credit Card Ref: **** **** **** ****
Expiration: **/****

Your Purchase Information:

Angelfire Argon - arringtonshomefurnishings.com $ 8.95 /mth
SETUP FEE $ 15.00
Domain Name: arringtonshomefurnishings.com

So I logged in under the member name. I went to the webshell and it shows https://www.angelfire.com/planet/arringtonshome for the website.

So, I clicked on Domain info and found the following...

You must have a domain registered with Lycos Domains in order to manage it. Buy one today!
If you already own a domain, there might be a problem with your credit card. Please check the account status.

I was suppose to have a free Domain name with the Argon package. Why would I have to pay $19.95 more a year if it was suppose to be free?
I checked the account status and everything has cleared there. So what am I suppose to do?

They finally replied on 04/03/06:
Please do not do anything at this time.

The Lycos billing system is down (as explained in the Angelfire Alerts section of our Help Site)

Your account will be fixed as soon as the billing system returns to normal.
Mike J
Customer Support - Lycos

Okay, so now I went to the alerts listing on the help center and it says this posted on 03/30/06:::

Angelfire's Billing System will be unavailable overnight tonight, while the billing servers undergo their regular server maintenance.

During this time, you will be unable to edit your billing information, downgrade your account, or upgrade your account.

Billing will return to normal tomorrow, at which time you will be able to edit any of your account's details.

We thank you for your patience.

Now, it mentioned that night... I was totally unaware of any of that information when I purchased the argon package on their home site.
It says that night??? It's 04/07/06 and everything is still a mess? What can I do? I feel that I'm going to start loosing my patience.

Thursday, 13 April 2006 - 11:29 AM EDT

Name: afgreg
Home Page: http://www.angelfire.com

It looks like your account is working now. The webshell does not currently display a purchased domain name, but most our other tools do: the Account Page, Blogs, and Photo Albums.

I have double-checked your account status to make sure it is both Argon and does not display ads, and it looks good. Please let us (or more quickly and reliably, Mike J at customer service) if you have anymore questions.


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