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Tuesday, 4 October 2005
Lycos Systran Translation
Although this does nor deal specifically with Angelfire, I was wondering if there is some
problem with the following URL:
Am using this service on quite a few Angelfire pages
and it seems to be 'down' for the past couple of days.
Perhaps they have changed the URL??

Posted by me2/kulacoco at 12:59 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (4) | Permalink | Share This Post

Thursday, 6 October 2005 - 12:59 PM EDT

Name: me2/kulacoco

I have the strong feeling that the URL mentioned above
is no more.

There is a new URL: http://translate.lycoszone.com/
which translates text but not webpages.

I have decided to link directly to Systran, allowing
the surfer to enter the URL on the www.systransoft.com Homepage.

I only hope that the Angelfire server loads the
images on my pages, as they did previously, using the
translation.lycos.com service.


Thursday, 6 October 2005 - 10:06 PM EDT

Name: jrp34

Does it? I'm not sure what's up with translate.lycos.com.. that's a different department. (Mike might know.)


Friday, 7 October 2005 - 7:07 PM EDT

Name: me2/kulacoco

I got an email from the folks at Lycos, confirming that
they are no longer offering the translation service.

RE: Translation Links
The problem being, I cannot install an outside resource,
because Angelfire will not render the images on my pages.
It was working fine with translation.lycos.com, because
that was an in-house set-up.

Anyway, as previously mentioned, I am now linking directly
to the systransoft.com web portal, where the surfers may
enter the URL themselves.

If the Angelfire page is fully loaded,
before clicking on the systran logo,
I notice that most of the images do appear....

Sunday, 9 October 2005 - 6:05 AM EDT

Name: me2/kulacoco


I have finally decided to remove any mention of
translation from my pages. It's just too darn much
trouble. It was working fine, when Lycos was hosting
the translation service. But now, the images keep
coming back as 'Hosted By Angelfire' and if there
is a background image, the text cannot be read at all.

It is a shame, because, according to my Stats,
many surfers were happily using the service for
the past 6 years or so.

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