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Wednesday, 28 September 2005
Problems with server???
My two web addresses/domains have stopped working all of a sudden (they were both fine up to about 2 days ago). What's up? I am up to date on payments, recently upgraded to Argon, and my primary site seems fine (www.angelfire.com/poetry/bridgewaterslam

but my 2 domains www.nantucketpoetryslam.org and nantucketharborplan.com are down!

error message is

Failure To Connect To Web Server

I need this fixed within 24 hours or I'll have to switch servers/hosts

thank you,
Sarah Oktay

Posted by Sarah at 1:39 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (7) | Permalink | Share This Post

Wednesday, 28 September 2005 - 3:50 PM EDT

Name: Jason
Home Page: https://www.angelfire.com/hero/jeb2004/main.html

they both took a lil bit to load but there working for me

Wednesday, 28 September 2005 - 8:53 PM EDT

Name: mamagoo

they are both working for me

clean your browser cache(temp files)and cookies
log out of angelfire and log back in....

try a different browser if using IE try netscape or Mozilla or visa versa

good luck

Thursday, 29 September 2005 - 9:46 PM EDT

Name: dalleh

they both work but too slow.

Saturday, 1 October 2005 - 2:22 AM EDT

Name: Nick
Home Page: http://nick_21@yahoo.com

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Saturday, 1 October 2005 - 2:24 AM EDT

Name: Nick
Home Page: http://www.yahoo.com

Nice blog.I lfdike this.

Sunday, 16 October 2005 - 1:36 PM EDT

Name: Sarah
Home Page: http://www.nantucketpoetryslam.org

Thanks! It's working now, I usually use Mozilla without too much trouble; thanks for the advise!

Sunday, 16 October 2005 - 1:38 PM EDT

Name: Sarah

Thanks; I'll try to cut down on the picture sizes to speed it up

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