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Thursday, 28 July 2005
Upload Documents Help Needed
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: HTML Questions
Hello all. I am now building my first website for a club I am a member of. I have been encountering some problems, however, especially with uploading documents. I know that you can only upload pictures so, I ended up scanning my document into my computer as a picture and then uploading it. When I did this, the document came out way too big. Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks. Alex

Posted by oh5/dramaohs at 6:18 PM EDT | Post Comment | View Comments (7) | Permalink | Share This Post

Thursday, 28 July 2005 - 11:01 PM EDT

Name: md/jdfaq

use the image editor to resize and crop the images then upload.

Friday, 29 July 2005 - 12:38 AM EDT

Name: oh5/dramaohs

Where is the image editor? And is there an easier way to upload documents besides scanning them as pictures? Thanks.


Friday, 29 July 2005 - 4:47 AM EDT

Name: tom

Documents may be uploaded as HTML files, plain text files (txt), DOC files, PDF files etc.

DOC & PDF files are not recommended, as they may not be
'directly' accessed by the surfer's browser; requiring
the activation of another program, such as Adobe Acrobat

Friday, 29 July 2005 - 7:31 AM EDT

Name: cw

The image editor would be on your pc- look for the software that came with your scanner. Try to size for smaller screen resolutions so that no one will have to scroll left to right to read your document. About 750-760 pixels wide should work for most visitors.

One problem with text turned into image formats is that search engines will not be able to read and index the info so you'll lose the benefits of text content. Search engines love plain text content.

Instead of scanning documents turn them into web friendly text formats (like .html, .txt, .rtf, or .pdf) if possible unless you are sure all your visitors will be visiting on Windows pcs and browsers. If visitors will only be using Windows pcs then .doc would be acceptable as would be any uploadable Windows format. There should be a list of uploadable formats somewhere in the AF help files. Link to AF help should be in the upper right corner of this blog.

Friday, 29 July 2005 - 9:48 AM EDT

Name: mamagoo

if your using msWord 2000 or msworks 7.0 you can save as html files now...some info here:

another way is offering more then one way to download your text files also.....
offer a msword version and rtf(rich text version) and a pdf version....

like cw mentioned uploaded text files are the way to go, not jpegs or gif files(to much work....LOL)

it would ....be like dealing with a graphic for all your document uploads and that could be a real pain....and it will also take up un-needed file space in your directory

I found this free PDF printer download and it works great, read about it and download is here:


this will print any document 'on the fly' to a PDF docment just by choosing the print option in your word applications.... then ftp and upload the file to your directory...

Friday, 29 July 2005 - 10:08 AM EDT

Name: magooo again

of course I have to mention the idea of saving msword documents as html. I was reffering to a text document and not a complicate document with graphics and charts and things.....OK?
microsoft html web pages are not the way to go....the codeing is complicated and is not browser friendly...

just thought I'd mention that....

Friday, 29 July 2005 - 1:38 PM EDT

Name: oh5/dramaohs

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I will try them all and see how they work. Thanks again!


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