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Friday, 1 December 2006
On the fence
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Topic: HTML Questions
I wonder if Angelfire will ever start a new service for the more advanced webmaster. I started out with Angelfire years and years ago, and on WebTV, if anyone knows what that is....LOL. I like Angelfire mainly for it's ease of use. Angelfire is great for the novice, but what if you build a site that starts to become somewhat successful? Which is what happened to me.

I did a domain appraisal a few days ago and mine is worth 2 to 3 grand. The problem is that I don't even own the darn thing because it is free with my Angelfire premium account, and this is how they get you. So if I'm going to continue reaping the rewards from my website I have to come up with a big hunk of cash and not to mention the downtime to switch servers, it just isn't worth it.

Not that I want to leave Angelfire anyway. I just want more advanced features and less restrictions on what I can do with my hosting, especially when it comes to CGI. I have things I want to do.....I want to grow, and I am way past the novice stage.

To the Angelfire team.....I think it's time for a new product line.... ANGELFIRE ADVANCED, and I'll be your first customer :)

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Tuesday, 12 December 2006 - 10:37 AM EST

Name: afgreg

The member always owns the actual domain name (but not DNS/Hosting/Mail), not Angelfire/Tripod/Lycos. This means that, with some work, the domain name (only) can be transferred to another DNS/Hosting/Mail service. While we definitely don't want to see you go, this is the fair answer to your question.

As far as Angelfire Advanced goes, we don't have anything yet in the works. Both JRP and I are pushing for the addition of PHP and/or a less restricted Perl support, but these things are a long way off. Your feedback helps it win suport, though. =)

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