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Wednesday, 22 February 2006
How to move a mac created site to angelfire?
first, let me say that I have a website on angelfire at the moment. www.manahale.net
What I'd like t do is replace that website with a new one that i created using Apple's Iweb program. I tried dragging the mac site file to the ftp.angelfire browser window but it told me that it could not be modified. I tried creating a seperate subdirectory in my old website, thinking I could just upload the files to it, but there were so many I chickened out.
Is there a way to create a new blank website where I can simply upload the mac files to it within webshell? Will they work when it is activated? Does my neon subscription allow 2 websites?
Basically all I want to do is activate my new mac created page, have people routed to it when they log on to www.manahale.net (domain reg. for manahale ends in one month) and that's it. My last alternative is to cancel angelfire and subscribe to mac.com, which I would prefer not to do. Can you help?

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Wednesday, 22 February 2006 - 2:47 PM EST

Name: cw
Home Page: http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/iweb/topic1994.

"Is there a way to create a new blank website where I can simply upload the mac files to it within webshell?" .... yes, the way you already wanted to do it but chickened out:).

See the iweb link above re publishing to a server. Sounds like you first publish to a desktop folder and from there can upload to AF. You'll need to maintain the same inner folder names and heirarchies when uploading. For instance, if images are kept in a subfolder called 'images', then that subfolder needs to be recreated at your AF account within the directory you'll be uploading pages to. (remember case sensitivity- folders and directories must match in case exactly).

Also per the info at the link above, some dynamic functions will not work outside of .mac such as counters and password protection. You could easily find a third party counter if a replacement is needed. Adding password protection back via some cgi scripting might be a little tough unless you're a cgi whiz.

A second site would simply be a group of pages including a home page named index.html that's published to a directory or subdirectory. And yes, you can have as many sites as your disk space allows. If you publish to a subdirectory you'll need to repoint your domain name to the site's new location within that subdirectory.

The one drawback I read about iweb is it's tendency to produce large sized image files in png format. Once uploaded you might want to play with optimizing photos in jpg format to bring file sizes down.

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